How to combine MIPA paint hardener

Issue Time:2011-11-07
When painting your car, car paint mixed with the diisopropanolamine curing agent can give you the perfect viscosity, need to paint your car's durable and attractive. Curing agent is ready to be applied to your vehicles paint surface a key part of the process. You also need to slow down. Mixed with other paint hardener MIPA paint curing agent is the same. The proportion of curing agent added depends on the specific type of paint used.
Read paint instructions to diisopropanolamine the mixing ratio of curing agent and deceleration. Paint hardener, paint, and to promote among the vehicles in order to obtain an appropriate hardness, dry chemical reaction. Paint reducer works by reducing, this is the "thickness" of the paint viscosity. The correct mixture is extremely important.Calculate the right amount of hardener and reducer needs. For example, paint, call 15:15:01 paint, reducer and hardener ratio, respectively.
This means that 15 cups of paint, add 1 cup of diisopropanolamine and hardener 15 cups.Car paint into a clean mixing container. Adding deceleration and the exact amount of curing agent.Use paint stirrer mixing three ingredients. Thoroughly mixed in a moderate rate of 10 to 15 minutes, or until the color of the paint is completely uniform mixing.Application of the new mixed paint, auto spray gun immediately.
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