Degradation of polyurethane foam

Issue Time:2011-10-09
Found in many articles of daily use, such as base polyols foam. It can also be used for insulation purposes. Although it has many uses, one concern with this material is a degenerative process, leading to its susceptibility to break. This process is affected in different ways in different types of polyurethane foam, and cause some harm.
Susceptibility to degradation
There are many pores of base polyols thane foam, can be easily in the atmosphere of oxygen, light and water to enter. This makes it more vulnerable to similar material fiber or block, for example, breakdown of the polyurethane foam material. In addition, when the bubble process, part of the process may involve blowing air through the liquid polyurethane. This will create conditions conducive to oxidation.
Because of degradation-inch set in the process of thermal degradation may also result in the release of some chemical substances, such as the possibility of carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, the need to retain the use of these materials should not be base polyols. These chemicals may not be visible to the human eye, but may be dangerous however. Some of these chemicals can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract. They may also cause skin allergies and lung irritation.
Jillian Zhu
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