Tri-isobutyl phosphate
Alias:  PHOSPHORIC ACID TRIISOBUTYL ESTER; isobutylphosphate; Phosphoricacid,tris(2-methylpropyl)ester; TRIISOBUTYL PHOSPHATE; TIBP; TRIS-ISOBUTYLPHOSPHATE; Triisobutylphosphat; Isobutyl phosphate; tris(2-methylpropyl) phosphate; tri isobutyl phosphate

Molecular formula:  C12H27O4P

Molecular weight:   266.32

CAS NO: 126-71-6

EINECS No. 204-798-3

Properties: Colorless transparent liquid with a little odor. Melting point<-50℃, boiling point is 272℃, relative density is 0.9646(25/4℃), refractive index is 1.4190, viscosity is 2-4cp, Log Koc of octanol/moisture distribution coefficient is 3.7. It is poorly soluble in water, soluble in many organic solvents such as alcohol and ether.

Chemical properties: It has common features of ester, and it hydrolyzes under alkaline conditions.

Uses:  The product is widely used in printing and dyeing, ink, building, oilfield and other fields as defoaming agent and penetrant.

    Item                                    Index
Color, APHA                   ≤  20
Refractive index                   1.4190-1.4200
Acid value, mgKOH/g      ≤ 0.1
Moisture(H2O), %            ≤0.1
Density(20℃), g/ml           0.960-0.970
Content, %            ≥ 99.0
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Triisobutyl phosphate (TIBP)

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