Paint curing agent can be combined

Issue Time:2012-02-20

When painting vehicles, automotive paint,alkyolamine is opropanol amine curing agent is a combination, can present the best viscosity, the need to paint the car's durability and attractive. Curing representative is eager to be applied to an important member of a process of your vehicle's painted surfaces. In addition, you must decline. When combined with other coating curing agent MIPA paint hardener is exact. The ratio of curing agent will depend on the varieties of paint store.

Read paint instructions, the diisopropanolamine the curing agent and the mixing ratio of deceleration. Curing of coatings, paints, but also to promote the vehicles, if you would like to request the appropriate hardness, special chems dry chemical reaction. Painting deceleration function is reduced, the essential "thickness" of the viscosity of the coating. An appropriate mixture of is extremely important.Calculate to correct hardener and reducer amount of demand. é. Grams. , Paint, please call 15:15:01 paint to slow down the machine and the ratio of the curing agent, respectively.

This means that the paint 15 cups, plus 1 cup the diisopropanolamine curing agent 15 cups.Car paint appropriate clean mixing container. Add deceleration as well as to curing agent.propylenediamine use paint mixer to mix the three components of the exact level. Thoroughly mix the reasonable rate of 10 or 15 minutes most of the paint is completely unified mixed paint, automotive spray gun immediately the shadow.

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