Isopropanolamine Production Methods

Issue Time:2011-12-22

        Isopropanolamine propylene oxide by reaction with ammonia. The mixture of propylene oxide and ammonia, after preheating the addition reaction, the resulting mixture, after deamination, dehydration, vacuum distillation, distillation, is finished. Adjusted during the reaction, such as propylene oxide and ammonia feed ratio can be obtained in different proportions of isopropanol amine, diisopropanolamine and Triisopropanolamine. Main uses are as:(1) the reaction of fatty acid and fatty acid amide isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol amide alkyl) and esters, as has excellent foaming, foam stability and the ability to dissolve grease, it can be used for industrial synthetic detergents.(2) and thioglycolic acid in the product from the substrate can be used for cosmetics.(3) due to moisture absorption, and has a weak alkaline, it can be used for surfactant raw materials, and fiber industry, refining agents, antistatic agents, dyeing auxiliaries and fiber wetting agent.

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