Issue Time:2011-12-21
Propanol is a isopropanolamine(MIPA), diisopropanolamine(DIPA), Triisopropanolamine(TIPA),Due to moisture absorption, and has a weak alkaline, it can be used for surfactant raw materials;collectively, are alkyl amines.Reaction with the fatty acid amide fatty acid isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol amide alkyl) and esters, as has excellent foaming, foam stability and the ability to dissolve grease, it can be used for industrial synthetic detergents. An isopropanol amine, also known as single-propanol, use is widespread. fiber industry refining agents, antistatic agents, dyeing auxiliaries and fiber wetting agents, lubricants and cutting oils can be used as a variety of antioxidant; Often used in surfactants, metalworking fluids, paints, textile printing and dyeing, with a variety of personal care, water treatment chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide and so on.  because of its good performance and stability of PH transfers, are used in metalworking fluids.
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