Diisopropanolamine to strong market demand

Issue Time:2011-09-15
It is understood that in recent years, China's market of supply and demand on the diisopropanolamine is very prominent, but from the information that, due to the production of isopropyl alcohol by the supply of raw materials, production processes, environmental management and many other factors, like the next few years new and expansion projects of few isopropyl alcohol, and now only the oil Jinzhou Petrochemical Company proposed a set of isopropyl alcohol production plant, it is understood, in January 2010 Jinzhou Petrochemical relying on technological innovation, will continue to increase the isopropylethanol plant's transformation efforts to achieve energy saving purposes. Visible, technological innovation is the foundation to make the smooth production plant isopropanol, isopropyl alcohol production was not blocked. 

The next few years, China's market demand will continue on the diisopropanolamine and fast growth, average annual growth rate of 8% to 10% by 2015, China's market demand will reach isopropanol about 350,000 tons, domestic production is expected to isopropyl alcohol at 18 million to 20 million tons, market supply would still be a big gap, but also import large quantities of isopropyl alcohol per year, supply and demand will remain very prominent.
Jillian Zhu
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